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There are a variety of ways to purchase MLS to enable your company to invest in an effective security system.  Of course you can purchase the system out right or MLS can cost as little as 19.99* per vehicle per month when using one of our financing options.  If you choose to go for MLS, integrating with our 'Mech Lock Skyline' asset management system, then the complete package costs from 47.99* per vehicle per month over 3 years and from 34.99* over 5 years.

Follow the links below to see the financing companies we partner with or call the numbers to talk directly with somebody who can give you a quote.

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* Terms and conditions apply

31 Dec 2009
Engineer Required

Have the following vacancies

Trainee or qualified Insta . . .
17 Nov 2009
CITS Success
MLS joined Enigma Skyline to showcase the new Meck Lock Skyline at the CITS conf . . .
14 Aug 2009
One Call comments on MLS
During recent conversations with Tony Fitzpatrick, Managing director of One Cal . . .

Tanker Fleet Covered

One of the largest UK tanker companies, who wish to remain nameless for security . . .
Fleet Covered

Article from Commercial Motor 2003:

Stoke on Trent haulier Barry Proc . . .
One Call Invest in Effective Security

Plant Hire firm One Call are already reaping the rewards of investing in securit . . .


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