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MLS is a permanently fitted anti theft device that works by isolating the clutch, pneumatic handbrake or both. MLS is the only system in the market that works by isolating the clutch. When the clutch pedal is depressed the slave cylinder remains in the open position and gears cannot be engaged. Though we are Thatcham approved to fit MLS on handbrakes, we prefer fitting to clutch as it is much more secure. Also, fitiing to clutch only is a non notifiable alternation according to VOSA. 

MLS can be fitted on to any vehicle, therefore your entire fleet, however diverse it may be, whether it is diesel or petrol, can be protected by a system that you trust. MLS works ideally when fitted to vehicles with a PTO as the driver can engage the PTO, remove the MLS Key and leave the engine running, knowing that the vehicle is going nowhere. This is also a great plus from a Health and Safety point of view as vehicles can not be moved by accident and injure anyone, or be stolen and cause third party damage. We are currently fitting to recovery vehicles, fuel tankers, cement mixers, self loaders etc. With a MLS fitted the tractor unit cannot be disconnected from the trailer unit. We can also fit MLS to the trailers only and protect them in the yard.

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MLS have been tested and certified by a number of European bodies including Thatcham. In fact the Thatcham report states that "MLS resisted all attacks" (report number EVH-260)

MLS stops theft before it happens. If you need to have your vehicle to be where you left it the previous evening and not to have to wait for it to be recovered minus the load then call us.

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MLS has developed a partnership with Enigma who are the market leaders in Plant Asset Management and Tracking.  MLS is the result and combines the best of both systems.  The system can be designed to work to your specific requirements and has all the benefits of MLS security and Enigma's reknown Asset Management.


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