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MLS protects cars, vans and 4 x 4s just as well as HGVs or 30 tonne excavators. As cars and vans do not have pneumatic handbrakes we fit Mech Lock on to the clutch. Mech Lock prevents gears being engaged, so your gearbox is in permanent "neutral" position while Mech Lock is activated. Once you put the key back in everything goes back to "normal". 

We can also fit an electronic immobiliser that works in conjunction with the Mech Lock. You can not start your engine without engaging MLS first. This  also ties in with a "buzzer alarm"  that reminds you to activate MLS when you leave your car. Once activated there is an LED light that flashes on and off telling you that your MLS is working properly.

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31 Dec 2009
Engineer Required

Have the following vacancies

Trainee or qualified Insta . . .
17 Nov 2009
CITS Success
MLS joined Enigma Skyline to showcase the new Meck Lock Skyline at the CITS conf . . .
14 Aug 2009
One Call comments on MLS
During recent conversations with Tony Fitzpatrick, Managing director of One Cal . . .

Tanker Fleet Covered

One of the largest UK tanker companies, who wish to remain nameless for security . . .
Fleet Covered

Article from Commercial Motor 2003:

Stoke on Trent haulier Barry Proc . . .
One Call Invest in Effective Security

Plant Hire firm One Call are already reaping the rewards of investing in securit . . .


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