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Isn't it time you got security with real teeth

MLS is a patented proven anti theft system that is sold world wide.  In the UK it has Thatcham P2, P3 and H3 approval.  When developing Mech Solution in 1987 the designer wanted to produce a system that actually stopped the theft happening rather producing another annoying alarm or electronic system that can be easily by passed.  Realising that if you can stop the vehicle being driven away the designer developed a mechanical system that achieves this design requirement by isolating the hydraulic or pneumatic system.  This simple but effective idea has seen MLS not only survive over the last 23 years while many security companies went under but actually increase world wide sales year on year by an average of 30%. 

MLS UK works closely with insurance companies and finance companies to ensure insurance discounts and a variety of finance deals are available to make your purchase as simple as possible.  Why not speak to a member of our team to find out more:

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MLS is the leading hydraulic/pneumatic mechanical immobiliser avaialble on the market.  It has an application for whatever type of vehicle you own.  MLS can protect your entire fleet even if that is made up of Plant, HGVs, Vans and Cars.  It does not matter what type of fuel they use as the system isolatles the hydraulics and the pnuematics.  We do not believe in isolating vehicles on the fuel lines, although we can, due to the reliability issues this creates or see the point in chasing vehicles down the motorway with tracking systems.


Please use the links above to go to the sector you are interested in and find out more about MLS and its application in your industry.  If you require more persuading about MLS visit our news and case study sections.




'Stop Theft Before it Happens'





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