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Keeping your diesel fuel free from water and other contamination is fundamental to ensuring the life of the engine on your equipment.

Contaminated fuel can be incredibly damaging to diesel engines, especially those fitted with the latest generation of high pressure fuel injection systems. Water is especially troubling as it will cause serious performance and reliability problems.

The MLS Fuel Purifier (FP) will remove water and solid particulates from even the dirtiest, most contaminated fuel.

How good is the quality of the fuel being used in your equipment?
If you are hiring out generators, pumps or plant, can you be sure of the condition of the fuel going into your equipment? If you are using fuel provided to you on site, can you see that it is contaminated?

Poor fuel storage, bad fuel transfer and housekeeping practices, or simple human error, can easily result in water, sand, grit, rust etc in fuel, all of these can harm your engine.

If you cannot be sure of the quality of the fuel going into your tractors, excavators, generators or pumps the engines that power them could be at risk and you could end up with expensive repairs and downtime. By fitting extra levels of protection on your vehicle or equipment you can reduce the risk of costly damage due to contaminated fuel.

The MLS Fuel Purifier (FP) will remove water and solid particulates from even the dirtiest, most contaminated fuel. When fitted in conjunction with a conventional fuel water separator, they will work together to ensure that your engine is protected from harmful water and particles. The FP acts as the 'first line of defence' removing slugs of water and dirt, sludge and grit allowing the fillter/separator to filter the fuel unhindered.

Fuel legislation designed to reduce harmful emissions and increasing global demand for diesel has resulted in more and more bio-diesel _nding its way into the fuel supply chain. The increased use of bio-diesel will increase the incidence of water contamination problems in diesel.

Why? Bio-diesel contains more water than petro-diesel (it is introduced in the production process), it is also hygroscopic - it absorbs water from the atmosphere.

Petro-diesel can absorb around 50 parts per million (ppm) of water whilst bio-diesel can absorb as much as 1500ppm - most global fuel standards recommend a maximum water content of 200ppm.

As ambient temperatures rise water is absorbed into the fuel, as they fall the water condenses out of the fuel and forms free water at the bottom of fuel tanks. Free water can wreak havoc in your fuel system.

  • Avoid fuel/water related breakdowns
  • Remove solid/semi solid contaminants such as dirt, rust and sludge
  • Maintain exhaust emission standards
  • Extend engine rebuild period and life
  • cleaner engine combustion
  • Significantly extend the life of the standard fuel filter
  • Save on paper consumables as the Fuel Purifier is filterless
  • Fewer unscheduled repairs and call outs
"Grayline Coaches have found that fitting the MLS purifier has not only given us peace of mind on the quality of diesel our engines use, we have recorded lower exhaust emissions improving our green statistic for the environment."

Alan Gray - Director, Grayline Coaches, Bicester.
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